Garage Door Repair in Waco, TX: How to Tell if There’s a Problem

You may not know it, but a broken garage door can cause a lot of damage.

Not only is it an eyesore, but a broken garage door can also let in the cold air in the winter and the hot air in the summer.

Instead of trying to fix it yourself, call Waco Locksmith Pros. We are experts at garage door repair and can have your door up and running quickly. Plus, we offer 24/7 emergency service, so you can rest assured that we’re always here for you when you need us.


Did You Know that The Garage Door Has About 200 Moving Parts?

That’s a lot to keep track of! If you suspect there is something wrong with your garage door or if it suddenly stops working for no reason, the best thing you can do is call Waco Locksmith Pros. We have reliable technicians who can diagnose the problem and fix it for you fast.

Keep an Eye on These Five Things to Know You Have a Problem with Your Garage Door


1. Loud Noises

A loud, creaking noise usually means it’s time to lubricate your garage door springs. This is something Waco Locksmith Pros can do for you, but it’s recommended that you let us handle this particular issue.


2. Uneven Door Operation

If your door starts to go up or down unevenly, don’t ignore it! It may not seem like too much of a problem at the time, but these types of issues almost always lead to other, more expensive issues. Call Waco Locksmith Pros, and we’ll send a technician over to get it fixed for you!


3. Malfunctioning of Opener Remote

If your remote isn’t working, the chances are good that the battery is low. Replace the battery and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, then there’s a more serious issue going on. Give Waco Locksmith Pros a call, and we’ll come to you with all of the tools and skills needed to fix this problem for good!


4. Garage Door Does Not Open or Close All the Way

If your garage door doesn’t go up or down all of the ways, then there is something wrong. If you are on the taller side, it is easy to see when your garage door goes all the way up or down. But if you are shorter, you might not be able to see this problem right away. You can always try lowering or raising your garage door manually to see if that helps. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to call Waco Locksmith Pros!


5. Broken Parts

If you think your garage door might be missing some of its parts or you suspect that some of them have broken, don’t wait any longer than necessary to get the problem fixed. Look at the pieces and give us a call to bring the replacement parts to you!

Garage door repair can seem daunting, but it’s a necessary evil if you want your car to stay sheltered and out of the weather. Here are a few tips on how to tell if there’s a problem with your garage door and how to go about fixing it.

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Worried About Your Garage Door?

Garage doors are a necessary evil. They keep your car sheltered and out of the weather, but they can also be an eyesore and let in cold air in the winter or hot air in the summer. If you suspect something is wrong with your garage door or if it suddenly stops working for no reason, calls Waco Locksmith Pros! We have reliable technicians who can diagnose the problem and fix it for you fast.

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Garage Door Repair in Waco, TX FAQ:


#1: It feels as if my garage door is broken. What should I do?

Don’t ignore the problem! It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Your garage door is likely the most used in your house, so it needs to be working on all cylinders at all times. If you suspect that something might be wrong, call Waco Locksmith Pros ASAP, and we will get someone out right away to investigate!


#2: What do I need to know about garage door repair?

If you notice something wrong with your garage door, it’s best to call our technicians right away so they can diagnose the problem and fix it for you. Many people wait too long before calling because it will be an easy fix, but this always leads to more significant, more severe problems down the line.


#3: What do I need to know about garage door replacement?

It’s always best to call us if your garage door breaks. It can be an eyesore and let in cold air during the winter or hot air during the summer. Waco Locksmith Pros will help you choose an affordable replacement garage door that fits in with the look of your home. We will also ensure it is installed correctly and works like a charm!


#4: What signs might indicate my garage door needs repair or replacement?

There are a few signs that you might notice if your garage door requires repair or replacement. Sometimes the springs will snap, which can be dangerous for people nearby. If it sounds as if your garage door is broken when you open or close it, then it might be time to replace the parts. It’s also possible that the gears are the problem. If you don’t know how to fix any of these problems, call Waco Locksmith Pros for fast and affordable garage door repair!


Need Assistance with Your Garage Door in Waco?

Don’t wait any longer to get your garage door repaired or replaced. Let one of our technicians come out and take a look at it today!