How to Choose the Right Magnetic Door Lock for Your Needs

When it comes to security, one of the essential features is a good lock on the door. But what type of lock is right for your needs?


Magnetic Locks Are Great for Homes with Small Children or Pets Because They Are Easy to Open and Safe to Use.

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What Are Magnetic Locks?

Magnetic locks use magnets to hold the door closed and can be opened with a key or by inputting a code.

They are great for homes with small children and pets because they are easy to open and safe to use.

When it comes to magnetic locks, there are two main types of systems: one with a keypad and the other is with the opening mechanism built into the doorknob. Each method has its benefits, but most people find that the second type works best for their home because it eliminates unnecessary items hanging on your wall, making it look neater and more organized.

However, for homes with children, the keypad-operated lock is often safer because they won’t be able to play with the opening mechanism on the inside of the doorknob.


Can Magnetic Locks Be Opened With a Key?

Yes! While magnetic locks are typically opened with a code or keypad, they can also be opened with a key if you leave one on the inside of your door or somewhere nearby.

This is an excellent solution if you want to increase security but don’t want to go through the trouble of getting rid of all your keys. Just make sure that only those who need access to the house have copies of the key.


Do Magnetic Locks Require Maintenance?

No! Magnetic locks are excellent for homes with children and pets because they never need to be manually re-locked, which can cause damage over time.

They’re also the perfect choice if you want a lock that isn’t permanent and will allow future owners of your house to change the lock if necessary easily.


Do I Need a New Lock or Just the Parts Replaced?

If you want to replace your existing lock with one that is more secure, contact our team today for help! We can send someone out to your home who will accurately assess the current situation and provide you with an accurate price quote, so there are no surprises.


Are There Different Kinds of Magnetic Door Locks?

Yes! When it comes to magnetic locks, there are two main types: keypad-operated and built into the doorknob.

The second type is usually installed on the exterior or interior doors that do not require a lock between them (such as garage doors), which means your security will be increased while allowing for easy entry.

The first type, the keypad-operated lock, is great for homes with children or pets because they can’t play around with the opening mechanism. However, this system does require a wall-mounted keypad, which may not look as neat and professional as a key-operated system.


What Are the Drawbacks of Magnetic Locks?

The most notable drawback to magnetic locks is that they are only appropriate for exterior doors because the magnets will cause them to stick to the other side if used within interior walls.

However, this can be beneficial in some cases — mainly when you want multiple people to access the same door but with different locks.

For example, you can install a magnetic lock on your exterior garage door so that both of your children have access to it, but they will need their keys to open it. This way, when they’re not home, and you enter using one code, their belongings are still safe.

Another drawback to magnetic locks is that they are usually more expensive than traditional deadbolt locks. Magnetic locks must buy electronic pieces for each door, whereas standard locks only require one key.

However, this doesn’t outweigh the benefits of having a high-quality lock with advanced security features — especially if you live in an area that’s prone to criminal activity.


What Type of Warranty Do Magnetic Locks Come With?

Magnetic locks usually come with a one-year warranty, covering the original purchaser from any manufacturer defects for up to 12 months after installation.

However, this warranty is often null and void if the lock has been tampered with or used incorrectly.


Can I Install Magnetic Locks On My Own?

If you are handy with tools and have the know-how, magnetic locks can be installed on your own!

However, if you don’t think that you will be able to install them yourself or if you would rather not risk it because these types of locks are pricey, hiring a professional locksmith in your area to install them for you is worth it.

A magnetic lock is a perfect choice for anyone with small children or pets since they will never need to be re-locked and offers advanced security features. For more information about magnetic door locks and how they can benefit your home, contact Waco Locksmith Pros today!


Are you looking for a more secure lock for your home or business?

Magnetic door locks are a great choice because they are easy to open and safe to use. They’re also the perfect choice if you want a lock that isn’t permanent and will allow future owners of your house to change the lock if necessary easily.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from keypad-operated or built-in magnetic door locks.

Contact our team today for help in choosing the right magnetic door lock for your needs!